9-1-1 Board Releases Ambulance RFP

RFP Proposal: 



RFP # 01 (2021-2022)

The provision of Emergency Ambulance Services to all Emergency Service Number Zones located within Chilton County, Alabama that are dispatched by Chilton County E-911 Dispatch Center.

The Chilton County E-911 Board is soliciting sealed bids for the item(s) listed above. Bids will be received by the Chilton County E911 Board at the Chilton County Courthouse, 500 2nd Avenue North, Room 101 (E-911 Center), Clanton AL 35045, ATTN: Terra Scott, until:

Friday March 5th, 2021 at 9:00AM (central time)

Proposer’s Pre-conference – February 18th, 9:00 AM at the address listed above

All proposers who plan to attend should RSVP to matt.griffin@clantonfd.org

Bids will be opened in the County Commission Chambers at the location listed above at the above stated time and date. Time is of the essence in submitting bids and only sealed bids received in the 911 office by the date and time listed above shall be opened and considered. Bidders and any other interested individuals are invited to attend the bid opening.

Prospective bidders are instructed to read the General Terms and Conditions, Special Terms and Conditions, and Bid Specifications very carefully. Bid addendums will be provided to all bidders, if necessary. Bids must be made in compliance with the guidelines in the sections referred to above and each page initialed by the bidder representative to denote understanding of such compliance.

For a complete copy of the applicable specifications or if you have any questions concerning terms or conditions, specifications, or any other aspects of the Request for Bid, please contact the following:

Terra Scott

Chilton County E-911 Director

Phone: 205-755-0911

Email: tscott@chilton911.org

Matt Griffin

Contract Oversight Group Chairperson

Phone: 205-217-5150

Email: matt.griffin@clantonfd.org