Candidate Orientation

Thank you for your interest in a career with Chilton County E9-1-1. This short document will outline some aspects of the job and give you information on what to expect during the screening process. If you wish to continue with this screening process you are required to complete the Candidate Checklist form, the link is at the bottom of this webpage. ALL correspondence from this office during this process will be through email. Once we receive your completed Candidate Checklist and your resume you will receive an invitation to sign up for Step 1 (explained below). You will sign up for Step 1 through an online calendar.

  • Employees must be willing to work all shifts, all hours of the day, nights, weekends, and Holidays. No exceptions.
  • This job is NOT for everyone. Many people are not able to adequately perform this job. This job requires true multi tasking. This job is NOT a telephone switchboard operator, NOT a clerical secretary type job and is NOT easy.
  • This is a high stress, fast paced environment with little down time. There are not set meal breaks, no set break times, employees may get breaks and meal breaks dependent on workload.
  • This job is tough but it is very rewarding. You have the ability each day that you come to work and sometimes many times a day to make a positive impact and outcome on someone’s life.
  • You have to accept the responsibility that any mistake you make may result in someone’s death.
  • During this job you will be screamed at, you will be presented with callers who use profanity, who are extremely rude and who are experiencing what they think is the worst moment of their lives. You will be required to use your training that we provide to interrupt callers and your job is to be in control of all conversations on the telephone.
  • Schedule: Most of the shifts are 12 hour shifts with an 8 hour shift daily from 6 am - 2 pm. The 12 hour shifts are 6am-6pm, 6pm-6am, and 12pm-12am.
  • Training Schedule: The scheduled training time is 12 weeks. This may be shorter or longer depending on the learning ability of the candidate. During the first 2-4 weeks of training the schedule will be 6am-2pm Monday - Friday. Once a certain skill level is reached the candidate is assigned to a 12 hour shift with a trainer. Initially this is a 12 hour 6am-6pm shift, this will last approximately 4-6 weeks. Once the next skill level is obtained the candidate moves to a 6pm-6am 12 hour shift with a trainer for the remainder of training. All candidates are evaluated every day with a formal evaluation with the Assistant Director and Training Coordinator after the initial 80 hours.
  • You need to add the email addresses and  to your address book to avoid our invitations being sent to you going to spam.

Applicant Screening Process:

Step 1: Criticall Test

Measures candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities in: Keyboarding, Decision Making, Data Entry, Call Summarization, Cross Referencing, Character Comparison, Memory Recall, Prioritization, Mathematics, Map Reading, Spelling, Sentence Clarity, Reading Comprehension

You will have 2 hours to complete this test. Once the time is up you will be required to stop. You should expect this test to last from 90 - 120 minutes. After review of your scores you will be notified if you are moving on to the next phase of the hiring process which is Step 2.

Step 2: Profile Evaluation Test

Measures candidate’s psychological aspects: mental aptitudes, personality and emotional maturity. This test takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

Step 3: Criminal Background Investigation

Applicants must submit to and successfully pass a criminal background investigation to comply with FBI and ACJIS policies for NCIC access as part of job responsibilities.

Step 4: Interview

Structured interview consisting of 40 questions. The interview will last approximately 1 hour.

Additional Information:


For each visit to our facility the following areas are available for parking:

- On street parking on 2nd Ave North
- Parking spaces in West and East Courthouse parking lots
- A large parking lot is available behind Clanton City Hall at the corner of 1st Ave and 6th St.

Entering our Facility:

Chilton County E9-1-1 is located on the 1st floor (the basement) of the Chilton County Courthouse. The address is: 500 2nd Ave N, Clanton, AL 35045

Candidates will enter the Courthouse through the front main entrance. Take the stairs down to the right, at the bottom of the stairs take the hallway to the right. Chilton County E9-1-1 is the last office on the left at the end of the hall. The entrance to our office is secured. Knock on the door and as soon as a dispatcher is free they will assist you.

Employment Candidate Form

Understanding the above information - begin the candidate process by completing this form. You must have a resume in electronic format to attach to the form.